Brad Lucas, President

Brad is the founder and CEO of Beacon Hill a high tech software development consultancy in New York providing custom software solutions to the Financial Services and New Media industries.

With over twenty years of professional experience developing software for a number of industries Brad, is unique in that in addition to being a respected business manager and technical leader he is still active in developing software on a daily basis. His passion for programming exists to this day and he finds a great deal of enjoyment in building systems of value that work well.

His background led Brad to building a company that provides custom software development to growing firms. He helps small companies that are growing fast and established companies with over extended resources, that needed systems built quickly and reliably. His expectation is that client firms need the experience and quality that he is able to deliver both personally and from his team. Also, by building a company with a software development focus and a high level of accountability he finds that clients are more able to focus on their own core competencies.

Prior to starting Beacon Hill Brad worked for a number of well known New York banks including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns. Before moving to New York Brad enjoyed building systems for the portfolio management division at Fidelity in Boston. Also, his passion for building interesting applications has also driven him to co-found two Internet startups, Anywhere Enterprises and Fanned Out.

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Software development (methodologies, architecture, design and implementation), financial services systems (portfolio management, credit risk, prime brokerage, hedge fund trading and research)


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