Beacon Hill is a full service consulting organization specializing in software development. We work for a large number of client organizations building systems for the Internet was well as internal use. Our diverse background allows us to build on all current technology platforms and to deliver fully functional and reliable systems in a timely manner.

Current projects include a number of large websites as well as internal system development for some of our financial services clients.


Every business these days requires some sort of Website. From the simplest of a few pages to full featured eCommerce sites there are many design and implementation decisions to be make. Beacon Hill assists it's clients in getting the best website for their needs within budget. We can build out sites in most of the popular frameworks and help decide which one is right as well. For more details see our website services page. ...


ECommerce refers to the buying or selling of products or services over the Internet. Today's retailer interested in providing a method for customers to purchase over the Internet needs an eCommerce site. Many already have a website for marketing purposes but don't have the additional features required to fully offer online shopping. In addition to designing and building client websites, Beacon Hill has grown to offer eCommerce consulting. For more details see our eCommerce services page. ...


In the past ten years or so Beacon Hill has done work for a number of well known financial services firms. We find this work engaging and very interesting. Projects have ranged from data loading, analytics, portfolio management, research reporting to infrastructure projects. For more details see our financial services page. ...

Software Development

The process of developing software is a complex highly interdependent activity that requires a team that not only works well together but is 'on the same page' with it's development processes. Beacon Hill's software development consultancy can help your team get better at producing high quality software. See our software develoment consulting page for more details.


Java programming is one of our specialities. We've worked with Java since it's early days have experience with it in a wide range of situations. Most of our financial services work is done in Java but other industries use it for a wide range of situations. If you have an existing Java project that needs more resources or you are starting a new project and want to get off to a good start consider bringing Beacon Hill in to assist. See our Java services page. ...


Clojure is a new programming language hosted on the JVM. In other words it runs where ever you have Java and can interact will all existing Java frameworks and libraries. In addition to being a functional language it supports an excellent concurrency model and we believe it will be used in many situations as a replacement for Java to provide more concise and easily maintained solutions. See our Clojure services page. ...

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