sitemapper - Automated sitemap.xml file generator

Building a new sitemap.xml each time you release a new version of you web site can be done through online tools but it would be best to have this done during the build and release of your site automatically.

Sitemapper builds on SitemapGen4j a library to generate XML sitemaps but automatically creating the appropriate urls required for SitemapGen4j.

To use sitemapper you only need to submit the root path of your site's www directory and your domain name.

For example,

$ java -jar sitemapper-cmdline-0.1.0.jar -u \
    -d /home/brad/work/www/build/

After running this command you'll get a new sitemap.xml file in the directory. Here is the sitemap.xml file created by sitemapper for Beacon Hill's site. Beacon Hill's Sitemap.xml file





We enhance and fix sitemapper frequently. If you'd like to know when please enter your email address.