yqd - Yahoo Quote Downloader

Yqd is a command line tool for downloading historical price information from Yahoo. It accepts a group of symbols on the command line or from a file and downloads each symbols historical data to a CSV file. Yqd is useful for end of day scripts to download price information regularly. Also, you can quickly verify data by running yqd manually and either editing the resulting file or passing an argument to yqd to display the results to stdio.


The following two links provide you with a compiled version of yqd read to use.


If you owuld like the source code to review and the ability to build yqd yourself visit the following GitHub repository.



You will need to have a working version of Java installed.

Basic Installation

Unpack the downloaded zip or tar.gz file and find the compiled version, yqd-cmdline-VERSION.jar. VERSION will be the current version number. Enter the following command to see the yqd help.

$ java -jar yqd-cmdline.jar -h


To download the quote history for google enter the following:

$ java -jar yqd-cmdline.jar goog

To download the quote history for google to the screen:

$ java -jar yqd-cmdline.jar -o goog



If you try yqd and have a suggestion please let me know.



We enhance and fix yqd frequently. If you'd like to know when please enter your email address.